Nieuwe boekenkasten voor Nepal

Nepal 1-15th february 2016







Last february we went to Nepal in order to facilitate My Book Buddy (MBB) program in some schools in Nepal a the beginning of what proved to be an continuing story. In 2014 Georgina ( in Dutch Jorijn) went to Kathmandu to a introduce MBB in a larger (500 pupils) Asmita English School, in 2015 other people went to this lovely country more aiming at smaller schools and so did we. IMG_2026We are lucky that we have some friends in Nepal who succeeded in smoothening the path of preparations as drafting money, making of book-cases and the famous bags for the children. So after our arrival in the Summit Hotel, a wonderful place, we mainly had to focus on the purchase and payment of books and the library administration.

IMG_1994With help of Melati and Shanta and their collegues from Educational Horizons Nepal the work made good progress. So after one week we could set for Naubise, a small village one hour west from Kathmandu high up in the hills on a rainy day.
Unfortunately the weather had prohibited some participants to travel to the gathering place were the ceremony for teachers, parents and children would be held. Nevertheless we had an enthousiastic public from 2 small schools (50 pupils each); the third school had a private session some days later. A day after we intended to travel to the other schools, but the death of a former prime minister created a public holiday, so we had to postpone. Not so bad in this country full of World heritage places, that were quite damaged after the earthquake of april 2015.

OIMG_1990ur next tour to Chainpur in the Dadi area was not so easy: more than 4 hours bumping uphill. However it was very worthwhile: a bunch of children was set in rows, many teachers, parents of 6 small schools from the surrounding villages were present and some enthusiastic governmental Resource Persons. Shanta was again of very great help in translating and explaining the MBB program. All bookcases were present, bags etc. Of course we could not evade a lunch with some local flattened rice and beans. On our return we visited a school that was supplied a year earlier to have an impression of the follow-up. In the days to follow we did the same in Kathmandu at the Asmita English School. Again we enjoyed the gratefulness of the Nepalese people at the MBB program; their kindness is p overbial as their hospitality. The only thing we would make a statement about is the importance of follow-up of formerly established My Book Buddy programs. That wil be a point of interest in the coming year.IMG_1913We visited two Rotary Clubs in Kathmandu: Patan and Patan West that are holding their meetings in the Summit Hotel where we stayed. The contacts were not overwhelming. Patan West harboured mainly very old members with different interest. Club Patan was planned, we were waiting, but the meeting was cancelled.

Lawrence Boomsma and Georgina Boomsma-van Rhijn,



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